Konungariket Sverige
Population: 9.5 million
Language: Swedish
Capital: Stockholm
Currency: Swedish Krona (SEK)

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2014-06-22 by Giåm on Flickr.
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More meat pastes by bradhoc on Flickr.
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Barn by bradhoc on Flickr.
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(This is more personal and not Sweden related so scroll past if you don’t want to read)

I’ve been in school since April, and hopefully graduating in November, and I have to pay monthly tuition fees. My mother has been super generous enough to give me most all of what she gets from welfare while she is currently trying to go on disability (which has been a long and grueling process), to make my payments since I don’t have a job. Though she gives me most all of the  money she has it’s usually just barely enough to make the payment or not enough. I’m of course applying everywhere in town but it’s really hard to secure a position anywhere, but nevertheless I continue searching. I really didn’t want to because I’ve always felt weird about it, but tumblr can be a really great and supportive community (when it wants to be) and I finally made the decision to create one. So if you feel like helping out, the link is in the description box on the blog. Any amount is severely appreciated, even if it’s just a dollar. Don’t feel pressed to donate either, if you don’t have any money to spare or just don’t want to that’s totally fine! And if you took the time to read this, thank you, I will continue to the regular posts as usual!

(And before someone says “well how do you get on the net if you’re so poor” I don’t have internet at home I use free wifi from other locations because that is a thing.)

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Swedish gate by bradhoc on Flickr.
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Alley cafe by bradhoc on Flickr.
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Stallet | "Dansa Med Höga Knän"
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Midsummer by Pierre Pocs on Flickr.
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